About Us


Started in 2001, Sail Classics is a family owned model boat company located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. 


The Sail Classics Collection is a continuing work. Our focus is American designs and we are proud to work with organizations such as the Herreshoff Museum, Marshall Marine, Beetle Inc. and The Mystic Seaport Museum to provide accurate display models of some of the most famous designs of the past century at affordable prices. 



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Our sail and powerboat models are all handcrafted with plank-on-bulkhead construction, built by skilled craftsmen. The lacquer finish on each boat is hand rubbed to a glossy mirror like finish. Each boat comes with easy assembly instructions and a wooden stand to display them on. 





Our customers have told us that they grew up sailing some of these vessels, or their father or grandfather did, so having one of our models brings back those treasured memories with a single glance.