Regatta Racers
Regatta Racers

Our most popular items are  our Regatta Racers whirlygig sets. Set these up in minutes in your yard and watch them race! Wind driven with a main & jib sails. Easy to assemble and set up, these will bring years of enjoyment. Hand-crafted in the USA with US and foreign parts.

Our current styles are shown below. 

Our original J Class full hull style

Our new Beetle Cat full hull style

Our newest 12-meter profile hull style. This new style will fold down if you run into high winds with Southco marine hinges. 

J-Class Regatta Racers whirligig J-Class Regatta Racers whirligig New!
Product ID: 07225
Availability: Please allow up to 3 weeks for shipment as these are hand made

12 Meter Regatta Racer 12 Meter Regatta Racer
Product ID: 07220
Availability: Our production is out 3 weeks. Please call us to order at 800-485-4909

12 Meter replacement sails-colored mains 12 Meter replacement sails-colored mains New!
Product ID: 12MRR-C
Availability: Allow 2 weeks for shipment

12th Man Regatta Racer 12th Man Regatta Racer New!
Product ID: 07224
Availability: Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

12th Man sails 12th Man sails New!
Product ID: RR-12MAN

12th Man sails for 12 Meter style 12th Man sails for 12 Meter style
Product ID: 12MRR-12MAN